Friday, May 26, 2006

Late night

Last night Tyler Bop Von barren spent his night out. Earlier he went onto the roof, and came back no prob. I was cautious when he went out at night though, thinking, I can barely get to the right apartment because they look the same, how will he?

I went to bed, still no Tyler, and left the door open for him. (back door). Morning came, no Tyler. Later, shaking his bell, i see him DOWN ON THE GROUND. we are on the second floor, how did he get down? there are no trees, the worst he could have done is gone to other patios. In which case they may have "protected" him all night, and let him out the front door this morning. He's back, and he was STUMPED as to how to get back up here. I had to walk down there, at 7 am, and lead him back to the right house. I could have carried him, but i wanted him to know the way. This picture is how he often sleeps. Posted by Picasa


At 8:49 AM, Anonymous Erik said...

this is most adorable ^_^


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