Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wisom Teeth

So I got my wisdom teeth out Friday. It didn't hurt, just the needles to numb me up did. Otherwise, it was just a strange encounter. I mean, they were drilling and chisling and BREAKING my teeth out of my jaw. I'm really sore now, but it's for the best.

I was disappointed to learn that I wouldn't be put out. I had always looked forward to the day that I would be knocked out for an operation, because I had been led to believe that it would be some grand hallucination... though I've heard that when you are knocked out it feels as if you closed your eyes for one second, even though it had been hours. That's nitris for you. So, I was numb, but I often thought of this scene from the simpsons. I would have loved to have some grand trip like that... but I'm much too "chicken" for acid. Too bad I didn't grow up in the sixties when people were doing it before knowing it could be dangerous..... too late! darn.

Haha. Enjoy the video!


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