Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Who knew that Albertson's was carrying a two dollar sandwich? Well, two fifty, with that Albertsons card I don't have but pretend I do so they'll swipe theirs... down from 2.59. Not to sound like an ad, but, when in a pinch... that's a quick fix. Didn't have enough vegetables really, but with the money saved from the common 5-6 dollar sandwhiches you can go to the produce aisle and stock up.

Anyway, small predicament at work. A moral predicament. No, no... no kids are in weird situations or anything important like that, it's a matter of landfill. Boss wants me to get rid of shit that looks kind of old. Now, originally I was against this. Not only for the financial reasons, but for reasons of WASTE. She raises a good point with the couches, they look like shit, but I wasn't gonna get rid of them without a replacement.

She agreed to replace... kind of... with other seating. fine.

But cabinets that are missing a little trim but still functional? Shelves that are just a little scratched up? Sure it's not my money... but if I can just show her that a little work and creativity saved not only money but years upon years of that crap being piled up somewhere, I've done my job.

I'm going to do the extra work, and re-do those ugly shelves to prove a point. Everyone sends so much to the dump, and it doesn't go away, it just piles up until we have nothing to do with it other than pile dirt on it, build houses on top of it, sell them as hills, and years later when the plants are dying and the quake hits that liquifies that garbage we'll have to face it. Not to mention the pollution... I mean, that's my point in the first place.

Bottom line, I hate to even see huge couches go that route, but I had to meet her in the middle. The other shit just needs a face lift.

Here is a great video of a house made entirely out of salvaged crap. Clicky Clicky....
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