Monday, May 26, 2008


What a jerk! I realized I never put up the pictures from that project. These are the finished pictures of that center, but only a few. I have the rest locked away somewhere. So that job is long gone, lol, but I learned a lot from it, and learned that it is something I would like to do. It told me that interior design is something I'd like to shoot for first. As I'm also interested in landscape design and of course, architecture. So, for now, i'm working as le nanny while I make shirts and re-do furniture. I've already started selling the furniture, which I'll post up. It's been really good money so far, the hardest part is getting the furniture in the first place. I may have to make some deals with some local hauling groups to let me dig around in their trucks before they take it away. i'll post up pics as soon as i'm done with this post. So, i had to think up a name real quick that summed up what I was doing, so i could hallmark the items. I came up with "re-creative" which is good for now. I might change it someday. Ideas?
I'm also trying to think up a name for the shirts. It's been less than three, then tricycle, but I feel like people will hear tricycle and think of kids. meh. I want it to be something off the wall and memorable, like a made up word, or an animal.
lil help?
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