Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I guess I didn't really do the video below justice. Those women are all deaf, supposedly. That's pretty crazy. pretty and crazy.

So, the post below was me reflecting on some news from yesterday. One of our kids has been gone for a while, and apparently it's because he is in a foster home and being moved to another city.... his mom was arrested... CPS investigation... all so suddenly, I never would have known if someone hadn't told me where he went. So, I'll miss him, but I hope he gets put into a good situation.

I don't even know any more than that about the situation anyway... as to why, etc. But it must have been serious, because they worked fast. Usually CPS will have the parent go to classes, therapy, etc.

Very sad.

On a lighter note, this seedless watermelon is a very pricy treat in Japan, as it is a square. The watermelon when it is a small melon, is placed into a small clear plastic box, and put into gradually bigger ones as it gets older, until you have this. Good idea! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This is a beautiful video. A remark on today: It's amazing how insanely fast someone in your life can disapear... perhaps it's for better reasons than we'll ever know. Everything has a reason.. I suppose... just sometimes things can be so unexpected. Moral, appreciate things immediately.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Forgot this shot, here is the TOFURKEY that I said i showed below. the plate doesn't actually have any on it yet. Posted by Picasa

Vegetarian Pre Thanksgiving

So, last night, we had a lil thanksgiving in our apartment, and suprisinly made it through the night to 1 AM without a note! Laughter and all. Perhaps that note was jsut from a bad night for that person... who knows or cares. Well, for dinna we had a TOFURKEY.. as shown here... which was suprisingly delicious. It didn't quite taste like turkey, though turkey tends to taste like whatever you dip it in... but it had its own delicious charm.

To add to the feast, we had green beans in two forms, sauteed and casseroled, asparagus with almonds, mashed parsnips and potatoes, cranberry apple sauce, cornbread and apricot crumble, candied yammies, several pump pies, and egg nog. Washed down with a few rounds of catch phrase, and it was a jolly good time.

This was the second annual Vegetarian Pre-Thanksgiving...
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Monday, November 20, 2006


I am thankful that today was a Monday and Thursday wrapped into one! Tommorrow, tuesday, will be the last day of my work week this week.

I have Wednesday off. Whatever shall I do! Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 17, 2006

So there.

I don't like the movie Napoleon Dynamite. I saw it, and I was not in my normal mental state so to safely speak, and I still didn't like it. I think it's dumb. I think it treats it's audience like a moron that enjoys a plotless movie.

enough of that, All I wanted to say was that THIS is a "Liger", not that crappy drawing of some fantasy.

Tell that foo to get some more "out there" fantasies.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Noise Complaint!

On Tuesday evening, Ross had a friend over, Josh. Around 7 PM, Jen, Sara, Shaun and John came over. After a few drinks and some pizza with a side of laughter (windows closed at this time keep in mind), the group decided to leave for tacos and beer at 8:15 PM.

However, they stopped to see a note on the door!

What'd the note say?

"You Need to Be Quiet!! Everyone who rents #11 have been reported as TOO NOISY!!!
Do you See us Making Noise?!? I don't think so!!!"

That's the note, word for word, bad caps and grammar taboot.

So this is assuming the note was left between 7-8 PM. Ridiculous.
They didn't say who they were, so how could we possibly say if we do or do not see them making noise, because perhaps I think so... but a little clue as to whodunnit was when we walked outside, the upstairs neighbors (who we thought were stomping around at this time) were peering out their master bedroom window with a flashlight. At us.
Several times. So, we waved....

That's all, but I think that 7-8 PM is a perfectly acceptable dinner and laughter time.
I would understand if this was 10, or maybe even 930. .. 9 is still laughter time.

We don't go posting notes around the complex when we feel people and their screaming babies at 7 am are being too loud... I just figure... this is apartment living. Get over it.

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Monday, November 06, 2006


Well, the move wasn't quite settled yet, but we left for Chicago anyway on what seems to be our annual Halloween trip to the "windy city". I think that's it's common name, and we actually got to experience some serious wind when we were downtown on Monday.

We stayed with Katie and Kevin again in Elgin, where Roseanne was filmed. It was me, Ross, and Jen. Had a good time.

It's weird to be in that part of the country, I can't help but repeat to people that it feels so much like the USA that everyone talks about. The stereotypes and the nuclear family, and the suburbs and traditions I guess. Hard to explain. One very strange thing is how flat the land is... at the top of the Sears tower you can just see how the streets go and go on into the horizon... nothing interupting them. Here, there would be a hill or mountain fairly close by. But there, the same street can remain in a straight line.... off into the vanishing point.

It wasn't as cold there as we had thought it would be, the last few days though were pretty damn cold. Otherwise we were overdressed.

We mainly celebrated halloween on Sat, then had a party at the house on the night of. Only got a few trick or treaters though.

all in all, a very fun time in Illinois! Posted by Picasa