Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Today was an especially smoggy day in San Jose. So smoggy, that coming down from the hill from Santa Cruz, i sneezed 4 times while driving the life threatening 17. . . . and honestly. . . I still do not know how to NOT close my eyes whilst sneezing.

is it even possible?

So we are going to Chicago for Halloween again, and I'm going to be an indian/native american/indigenous peoples of the america. I know ive been it before, but here's why. . . So the group (ross, katie, mo, and Jen) decided that the theme of the costumes was going to be Buffalo Bill and the wild west gun show that apparently took place in chica chica go. Originally i was opposed, thinking i'd have to be a cowboy. No.

So they said, indians were in the show. so, i enjoyed wearing that costume SO much that i'm a doin it again.

I'm going out fishing tonight, though we never catch anything.... it's still fun.

Love and altoids,
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Monday, September 25, 2006

In my spare time....

Well things have been moving a tad bit faster now that I am working 5 days a week again. I miss summer I tells you I do. That was a really fun gig though I couldn't exactly rely on the money coming in. I t was never consistent. Sometimes the check would be really really big, which you'd think would make me go out and buy something unnecessary... but no... me being what I like to consider good with money, held it.. and it was a good thing I did, because other times the check was just enough for the bills. In the end, it was no problem at all.

now my checks are more consistent, but I do miss being home all the time and doing whatever whenever.

spoiled? maybe.... but I tell you it's a first as far as work goes. been working since 15... maybe it's time I retire.

Time to find a winter activity now that I won't be in the pacific as much. too cold. I think I'll try to get up to the mountains this year. It's been a long time.

I'm pretty sure that the summer job above and the consumption of beer can be held accountable for the ten pounds I gained. I'm going to get rid of it. Though my clothing still fits, a couple shirts show my tummy's true size and a couple pants get a lil too snug after the fourth hour, and I long for my sweats. bad news bears.

The choice is either lose the weight or buy new clothes, I'm a cheap ass, so i'll lose the weight..

oh and health reasons or whatever.

So this picture is me, performing surgery, on a green robe. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 08, 2006


Yesterday was my birthday... I turned 24. Nothing really changed :)

We went out for tacos and beer at olitas on the wharf, it was a lot of fun. When we went back to the house, we had brownies... since we had all had beer, we shared in decorating the brownies.. which i'll have pics of later. One said "Jesse" while the other tray said "we be poopin, HB"

haha... It was a very fun time., very relaxed and stress free, and special. Just how i like it, nothing to worry about.

This picture has nothing to do with my birthday, it is just a cool picture that my friend Nikul sent me from Burning man. . . muy interesante.

Last weekend was wild, we had what i call a "gypsy" trip. because we went down south, not knowing where we were going to stay, expecting to camp, and spent one night in a seedy motel and the other two with my step sister Chole, all in all it was a good time, and a lot of fun in the ocean. I have the tar to prove that....

Tuesday was a stop in Big Basin and a wake up call by the ranger, for not registering the car the night before. Six dollar fee.

Otherwise, the highlight of that night was running around the moonlit forest hiding from eachother. banding together for one minute against the other people, only to ditch that person and form a new alliance. This lasted a few hours, and was fueled with refreshments.

I still went to work, on time, the next day. Posted by Picasa