Wednesday, August 30, 2006


......... All I'm going to say is that tonight we had 6 free nudes running the wharf de Santa Cruz. At about midnight, 2 cars pulled up while we were fishing. They seemed like a rowdy young bunch, probably drinking, celebrating there last few nights of summer before school starts again. I had a feeling that they were the rebellious mormon group. Brave enough to be out late with Mommy's car, but still faithful enough to be sober.


Suddenly, we see that the two men are in boxers, and the women in underwear, a giggling a plenty.
I say "My god, they are naked" but they weren't.

This wharf must be 20 feet above the water. keep that in mind.

BAM. a guy jumps in. BAM so does the other. Screams and shrieks, we can see they climb up the ladder, and what do we see?


Bare naked ASS. Very non chalant, very comfortable, they climb up and towel off. following them in pairs are the girls, screams, and more ASS.

Six asses staring at us. Followed by loud 80's music and dancing, naked naked dancing in the parking lot, all of this very very close to us. My god, how strange.

then they left.

Good night!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

one more thing

This is a picture of Sarah and Bryan. Bryan is from Woodland originally, but moved to Chicago where he met Sarah, and this is them.
I also forgot to mention that we went to the Winchester Mystery House, and there is a shot of it. Right there.

Very cool house, had complimentary tickets from amanda. (thanks amanda!)

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Quite a weekend!

So, this last weekend, Ross and I went to go to Woodland to see his Mom and his step mom, and his friends Bryan and Sarah that came from Chicago for a visit, as well as the Yolo County Fair. So, everything was a lot of fun, the highlights of the trip without going too much into it was making a nice dinner with ross's mom, Fishing with his step mom martha, the fair with a few of his friends, a cool vegetable stand, a quick tourist trip to SF including lombard street, ghiradelli square, fishermans wharf, the crazy bush guy, alcatraz view, coit tower, pier 39... and the castro. All from the car.
These pictures are from the weekend, the painting is a canvas that is 4 feet by 3 feet of a town in Italy, Portifino. I think it's an amazing painting and it won a ribbon in the county fair. nice :) ! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I did something wrong on the shirt below... if you notice I will make you a shirt.

This is the shirt I worked on Yesterday, I am pretty happy with it. The yellow is a little weaker than I had hoped, but putting light colors on dark fabrics is a b**ch and a half. Maybe more than that. Lil explanation bout this T, it's regarding the first two satellites in orbit... Sputnik and explorer. Sputnik, by the Soviet union was launched on October 4 1957, and is that white basketball with spikes thing. The US launched explorer January 31 1958 in return... both countries were in a race, in which the soviets won this one. Cold war, etc etc.. very strange... then everyone was scared that both places were gonna drop bombs on eachother..etc etc.. but this shirt is just about the start of the space race.

originally it was just about sputnik, but i wanted more.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Chunk o Change

Welcome to the Weekend Summary.

This weekend was pretty entertainin, on Friday evening, went down to ye olde San Jose, where we enjoyed Sarah's Birthday Bash, and the Gordon Biersch, that charges 6.50 for one shot of jaegermeister.


but 4.50 for a giant beer that feels like you ate 9 loafs of bread and then went swimming.

Saturday was kinda lay around til nightfall when we made enchiladas and then went to some random bonfire up near Panther beach. They were kerry's friends from work, but considerably younger than us which opened up the doors to tom foolery. Jen, Ross, Kerry and myself, went around the cliff near the beach, far from the fire to discuss our feelings of the evening. Content with our beer and complaining about how no one helped us down this crazy hill when we had a box of wood (that we kicked down the whole way) but they felt comfortable yelling at us to "hurry up"... we decided a prank was well over due. Jenfa, screamed, a mighty scream, several times. We saw the flashlights come near us, but we hid. After finishing our drinks, we RAN back to the fire, asking what was going on. Where everyone discussed their different theories of who or what made that disgusting velociraptic sound.

I like turning nouns into adjectives... velociraptic....

So we all went our seperate ways, then Kerry took us downtown for 18 minutes of dancing before we got kicked out for it being too late.

eh, when your drinking 18 minutes is about the perfect amount of time you can actually pay attention to any one thing or activity.

After a wild water fight in the apartment for one hour before bed, ending in Ross being soaked and no one finding the water bottle.... we woke up sunday morning ready to be lazy. We were supposed to go to the flea market early and then boogie boarding. the weather and our grogginess translated that into 8 garage sales at about 11 a.m. and then a chinese food buffet...ay...... those buffets are good, but . . . . filling.. . . and probably should have just gone to a normal restaurant. portion control!

This pictures is sunday night, making clam chowder after we went fishing at the wharf, caught 2 anchovies, and gave up.

Twas fun! Today, since I have no jobs coming in, I am working on shirts. more on that later. I start work at the Y soon, ay... Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 11, 2006

Photo Negatives

If you have any old photo negatives that you have absolutely no intentions of keeping, I want them, and here is why. In retrun, I'll make you a lamp. I'm trying to think up a few different styles.

So this is the first, the corners are just four wires in which the film is strung onto. the top and bottom were old picutre frames.

today we cleaned the house, sometimes it is so energizing. other times it's annoying, the only annoying and non rewarding part today, was the friggin nooks on the back portion of the toilet. who made this damn thing? why all the curves and spots for dust and linty?


I want to start running barefoot on the beach in the mornings. But I want to get up early enough to where I won't have a beachload audience staring out to the ocean. Of course, they are backed up to the rocks on the beach so there is no choice left for me, other than to run and pant in front of them. where am i running? they ask themselves... no where. What is he running from? they ask themselves.... nothing.

In actuality they probably don't even think anything at all other than thoughts like "should i go in the water, it's a little cold" and "man, im hungry" or " i wish we had beer".

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This is a photo of a flower arrangement I made my mom, as a get well from her surgery. Had her gal bladder taken out!

Today we played in the water in the ocean, it was very cold at first, but then i liked it. however, there was kelp everywhere and I hate the feeling of it getting tangled on my ankles, for I fear it is an animal much smaller than me who potentially has a small pain inflicting method.

Thanks to the bees for putting that fear in all of us, so very early.

The double dutch bus song uses this language code:Double-Dutch is also a language game, akin to Pig Latin or Opish. Another name for it is Tutnese. In it, vowels are pronounced normally, but each consonant is replaced with a syllable from the following table:
b - bub
k - kuk
s - sus
c - cash
l - lul
t - tut
d - dud
m - mum
v - vuv
f - fuf
n - nun
w - wash
g - gug
p - pub
x - xux
h - hutch
q - quack
y - yub
j - jug
r - rug
z - zub
Example: "Mary had a little lamb" becomes Mumarugyub hutchadud a lulituttutlule lulamumbub.

There is, however, another language game referred to as "double Dutch," though it is sometimes called "jibberish". In this version, the speaker places the sounds "th" and "g" into syllables. It is easiest to teach using one syllable words. For example, the word "cat" would be "cathagat" and "wall" would be "wathagall". For multisyllabic words, the speaker would treat each syllable as its own word. For example, "open" would be "othagopethegen". The sounds of the vowels remain the same. Writing it makes less sense than speaking it. The only source for this information is the fact that it can be spoken this way in various parts of the country and be understood by other speakers.
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Monday, August 07, 2006


OK so this project is something I've wanted to do for a while. I got the book at the thrift shop for a dollar, or something less, and then i cut out the center and dressed it up. It didn't take me that long, and now that I learned a lot through experience and internet-al advice, the next one will go even smoother. Tip one: glue the edges of the pages first, then cut. it keeps those pages from slipping EVERYWHERE. done. Now I may varnish them eventually, not sure. Right now it's just a glue seal. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fishing on a Saturday Night

So Ross, Jen and I went for a little fishing trip on Saturday night at about 11 Pm with Kerry and Vincent. It was pretty fun, I wasn't sure at first. But I thought, eh whatev, i'll go. Ended up fishing and drinking. We caught 2 star fish, which weren't "hooked" they were just attached to the food. We were using squid and then Ross and Jen traded some for some shrimp with other fisher...people...

So then Ross caught this thing that I thought was a sting ray, and turned out to be a skate? i think? Looks like a sting ray, but no stinger. and then sent it back...

Then I caught a fish. I forget what it was... but it was like 9 inches long or so, and Ross unhooked it, but it we didn't keep it cause it was too small to eat, or "gut", and sent it back. But i think it died when it hit the water!!! It was floating belly up. Pretty sad...

which makes me kind of think, aaw... isn't there some way to "fish" without the hooks? do they feel them? What are there nerve endings like, if any... are they wired to understand pain, etc.

the heroic moment of the night was when we looked over and thought a seagull was chasing Jenfa but she had actually found a bird that was caught in a bunch of old fishing line! So she has this bird on a string, and it's freaking out but she is trying to help it. who knows how long it was like that...
so Ross runs over and just GRABS the bird. I go see, only to hear ross calmly saying "let go. let go. let go" to the bird, as it has its beak planted on his hand and his not giving in. I see the line, and go get a knife. I come back, Ross has the bird like it's some duck, hands over the wings and it's just sitting there, waiting for an opportunity to bite. We try to get the line off, the bird fights. So I cut a bunch off, thinking, well if we can't get the rest at least he can fly now... but then Ross and Jen saw how it was attached and got it off his foot!
I thought that was a very brave moment. lol. this crazy seagull.. and ross just had to throw it in there after. Then we all went to the beach with firewood, fireworks, and jiffy pop?!?! Yea, Jiffy over the fire is pretty hard. Kerry and I burned it right up. yum.......

Thursday, August 03, 2006

1986 200 SX

Well, Yesterday Ross bought a lil commuter car. And here it is, the retro beaut, a nissan! A great lil commuter car that cost 700 bucks, runs great, only 100K miles. Good for a twenty year old car, and great for getting you from here to there at a whopping 35 mpg. I like it, very cute, economical, and the back seats fold down for more cargo. Importante.

He originally wanted a galaxy, but i'd say this is a great find for now :) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Boardwalk Tuesday

As with the tradition, weve been going to the boardwalk on tuesday nights for their cheap fun fest. Twas a very good time, we had a few drinks and went on the rides. I love that it's cheap, because on the weekend tourists can drop like 40 a head in that place, and I'm not sure rides are worth that.

Then, Me, Jen, and ross went to taco bell where we had pseudo mexican food with not enough sour cream in my opinion, and took turns drawing pictures on Ross' palm pilot to amuse eachother. Most were nasty pictures, and very, very amusing.

Then later, to thoroughly disgust them, I put the site "" on ross's computer screen, and waited for someone to notice. That site, is the most hilarious disgusting DISGUSTING gag me site i've seen in a long time. G-damn, don't go there.

All in all, one raunchy night! Posted by Picasa