Monday, July 31, 2006


From this....

To this...

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I'm annoyed now....

Since PICASA is going through this little puberty bitchfest right now, where it's making all these changes, it totally didn't even notice that I had typed a damn thing in the box and deleted about 6 paragraphs of post. Though I love all the new shit picasa can do, I hope they hurry up and get it right. All I want is my blog function to work properly, and not have some suprise deletion waiting for me. I guess this exposes me trusting the machine too much, I should copy the post before I submit it because this is occurrence number two.

be forewarned, protect yourself people...

So I'm going to try to get the post as close to what it was before... though I'll know deep down, it's just not the same!

So this is the shirt that I did today. It's a tribute to my old addiction, TETRIS. I used to play this game a lot, I mean a lot, like nobody's business. now, I still play but not as much, I mean, I have to pay rent.... So, this shirt is paying respects to the artifact that first introduced me to the fine game of tetris, the original gameboy. Yes i said artifact and that's what I named this shirt because this toy/tool is pretty old in comparison to what's out and about now.

I even included the lil russian spires that are in the background of the intro to the game, and later in the background of the game. Falling pieces and a gameboy stencil, bam. My two dollar t-shirt. Got some T's on sale this weekend, tons o colors. I tried to make this one look really..un perfect. Lots of little errors, some were on accident....haha...

So the next thing i spoke of in my *late* post, was this incident that happened to Jenfa.

First, a lil background. Jen and Sarah came up hither last week to spend some time in ye old s.cruz. After a night of fun and beer at the boardwalk with a lot of other peeps, we departed, and they returned the next day for some beach fun. Which was a lot of fun because I haven't gone in the water this much in a long time up here, because the water is cold. It's not so bad after the shoulders, and after a beverage. Jen came back up this weekend, we made pizzas, played at the beach, fun fun in the sun.

So today, jen tells me this happened: (Jen is a dental hygenist) She got cut from one of the instruments that was being used in the mouth of a patient. Which sums up to, if this patient had a lil somethin somethin, and Jen had a lil open wound, bam. disease ahoy. So, naturally, Jen was concerned.

Well the doc, her boss, told her not to worry, the patient was a "young white girl from los altos, she's fine". Several things wrong here, one, diseases don't discriminate in the way this man does. Stereotypes a plenty for this doc. Two, these are people, and he should be a lot more responsible and professional about this.

I'm not really concerned that Jen has something, because they are usually aware when a patient has something, for safety reasons (as this), but I am concerned about the uncaring beast that pays her. He should have had her go to the doc to get tested. she says she is going to anyway, and she says that he didn't want her to do it because he doesn't want this on ye olde workmens comp file. bastard! He knew the risks of his operation before he opened up shop, and if he wants to stay open then he'll follow the rules that workers before us fought long and hard and lost jobs just to get! We are lucky the law is on her side here.....

.....even though it's probably fine.

I said other semi-entertaining things but they're gone now... I've learned my lesson...
More tommorrow.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Brittany and Ross

My friend Brittany drew these pictures of her and Ross, they were taken from these pictures that we took of them in these funny glasses at kerry's bday. Those pictures are in my april or may blog... go back and look if you need.
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So what i was going to write about a few days ago, is this lil jem i worked on this week. there are 30 cranes on this shirt. Though the number of cranes has no real relevance to anything, i wish it did, the crane has randomly become a symbol in my life.

I started folding origami (besides childhood) when I was about 19, and randomly fell upon (literally) a book of origami at the bookstore. Intrigued, i racked it on my credit card tally and took it home. From then on, my love of paper and it's uses grew, and the crane is like the house music of paper folding. You may like all kinds of other things, but you always come back to the classic. With electronic music, no matter how many different styles are my favorite, house is always there. With cranes, it's always the one my hands can do in my sleep and still looks great. It's always there.

Granted the above paragraph was probably the nerdiest thing I've written in a while, or at least a few days, but I don't give a f**k... hahaha.

Been craving going back to "parties" lately. Just to go out and dance. Bars are cool to go to, but there isn't always a healthy amount of dancing. Clubs, they seem to have such a status going for them, well most anyway. dress a certain way or get out, etc. So it's back to parties, day parties, and weeknight clubs that have been rented by local DJ's. haha.. let the good times roll.

Monday, July 24, 2006

This is a picture of the Canna weve been waiting for. Been waiting for it to bloom for about a year or more... It lives in an old plastic trash can now, and finally has some good sunshine and bloomed after only being here 2.5 months.This last weekend was a lot of fun, on friday night, went to Kerry's house in SJ for a bday party for Jon. Damn, SJ was hotter than hot... so we had no choice but to swim. That fixed everything.Saturday was the day of the family bbq and the beach bbq. Again, SJ was too hot for me, and it wiped me out. Luckily the bbq after fell through, and we had a bonfire later instead with Kerry, Jon, Justine, and her bf and cousin.I dont remember their names, i think anthony and paul or something.Sunday Ross and I went to the Target in Watsonville, where i found 2 shirts and a hat that I had wanted about 2 months ago, but wasn't willing to pay 15 bucks for. Now, each item was 6 dollars.Much better.It pays to wait...Then we drank beer and played frisbee into the night, followed by a boring movie called "american splendor" that you would only enjoy if you were following the comic. Since I wasn't following the middle-america comic of depression, (can you even call it a comic if it isn't funny?)I'm sure it's funny to someone. but it wasn't funny to me. It was just about how boring life in OHIO is, and how many horrible facial expressions the main character could produce. I stopped counting at 54.I wasn't actually counting.But it was bad enough to where i often caught myself making the same face, this constant frown as if your smelling skunk while your getting slapped on the arm with a zombies left foot. Very annoying. Back to the canna... aah, yes.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


So after dinner last night, it was still very light, Ross and I went for a walk. We ended up walking down our beach to the next beach and back home. Something amazing happened, that I have never actually seen so up close and in the wild, DOLPHINS. I didn't get a picture, but this is pretty much what it looked like, playing in the waves right on the beach. It must have only been 3-4 feet deep, and there were about 4 of them, jumping and swimming over and through the waves, right around all these people. They were so cool, I love them . Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Beach House

Well, this weekend we all went to this beach house for my dad's fathers day gift from June. It was a lot of fun! Friday night Joey did a bbq, and that was really good. I normally am not the biggest fan of chicken but he can really bbq some damn good chicken, i loved it. Corn too. Saturday, we spent the day kind of drinking lightly and looking at the view, until we went out to a hardware store just to get a big tube for our fireworks later. Then we went to dinner, which was really good. A place on soquel i think, I had salmon with mango salsa. I hadn't had mango salsa before, it was very good. I always see it places. Then, that night, we did all the fireworks and kept drinking. Ross brought 2 mortars he had, which were enormous, and my dad had a bunch from sacramento. Fireworks, illegal all over but not the capital, weird. Sunday was breakfast and cleaning, then back home. I was lazy for the whole day, I think it's because I hadn't eat that much in a long time. I just kept snacking like a pig. salami, cheese, etc. Again I learned a lesson about Red Wine, it just doesn't mix. with anything. I think it might be the devil.

Enjoy these pictures.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006


forgot this pic.

that's my yellow rug, Posted by Picasa

Today, I fixed this shirt o mine.

As continuation and practice of shirt reconstruction and stenciling, I did this shirt today. I came across a very VERY helpful tip. Spraying the back of the stencil with spray adhesive, letting it dry, and wammo, TACKY. So no more fly ups, no more blurs... it's great.

So I handpainted the branches, and cut up a few bird stencils to use on here.

The shirt was 2 dollars, half off from four, fits like a dream. Well, maybe like a dream that you start to realize is a dream, because the back is a little loose. So it's slightly less than a dream, but still good. The bigger bird is on the back.

The paint i had, and used very little of it. the brushes I had. Total cost of this project, under 3 bucks.

I was going to use the airbrush, but decided to try brushing the black paint on. Airbrushing is great for little details, and not getting the paint too thick on the fabric. But, I kind of wanted it thick.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

We <3 Boobies!

WELL this weekend was a lot of fun. Ross and I went up to see josh on friday night. Hung out, enjoyed some beverages, then walked around all day Saturday in the city. Ate food, saw Pirates of the Carib. Boo. Not too great of a movie... but... eh.

Sunday My mom, Mark, and I went to GG park to see Jennifer come in from her "walk". She did the Walk for Breast Cancer this weekend. Two days and 38 miles! holy shit, very proud of that lass. So these pics are her a comin in, and aaaaalll the pink. This group alone of 2,300 peeps raised 5.4 million dollars. U.S. dollars.

So, congrats Jen, ya did swell!

Then we ate at Mels and now I have bad gas. And it was worth it.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Pizza - anitca?

So, last night Ross made Pizza. Not just regular pizza , it was fancy pizza. He used to work at Pizza Antica in Satan Row in San Jose, so he was around all this alternative pizza. Which is cool, and his pizzas were very close to the kind there. But quite honestly, I liked these so much better for two reasons. The dough was much bigger, pizza anticas dough was like a ritz cracker, and two, there was more stuff on the top. Pizza antica kept it all thin so you could eat about 12 slices alone. With this? I had 4 and it was too much.

Wait I think I had 5.

He even made the dough, it was fun to watch.

We watched "auntie mame" last night. One of my favorite movies, it's old, and kinda long, but it's pretty funny. If I were that boy and my father had died I would be thrilled to go live with Mame. All the parties..

Why did the stock market crash in 1929? I don't really understand. I guess I don't truly understand stocks, I know you can buy and if it goes up you sell, but how do you get money while your money is IN stocks... I mean, you get like a dividend? This boils down to me wondering why Mame lost all her money. It's explained that she had a lot of stock in the Bank of U.S. But then, where did she get all her money for the spending, and the parties, and the gin?

Look it up.

I wrote two letters today! One out to brittany and the other to Equifax credit corp to resolve an expired collection so that my score will go up.

These are pictures of the pizzas. The top one is a white potato pizza with lemon zest sauce and mozzerella cheese, broccoli, onions, the works.

the bottom one has traditional sauce but added tomatoes, radicchio, peppers, etc.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More Cat

So I know I post a lot about young Tyler, but he's cute. So, this is his newest interest, the shower. Anytime I shower he comes in and sits on the toilet and tries to get into the shower, but is scared. Today I turned the water on and he jumped up to watch it run... this is him doing just that.

Oh, Happy fourth, the weather is good here and we are about to go drink em up and my sisters house.. then go down to the beach later for the fireworks.

I wish I had more to say, but I'm really distracted by the window and whether I should be wearing pants or not....

I mean in comparison to shorts...

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