Saturday, January 27, 2007

Splish Splash

Last night we went to xtina and lylas for some bday time for Christy. Drank at the house, very fun. Went to el burro, that was a lot of fun, and very good but turned out to be pricy! Then after, we went to Splash.. and well... I kind of got into a little altercation with the security council.

See, we had just gotten past ID check, and then it was time to pay the cover charge. The cover they never had before. Now, this bar was practically empty mind you. . . .

I said to lyla "No way are we paying 7 bucks for a shithole"

The security guard heard me, and we exchanged words. Well, more exchanged opinions of Splash. Her argument of why we should pay? It's in San Jose, everyone else is charging, it's a club.

My argument of why we shouldn't pay? It's in San Jose, everyone else is charging, it's a bar, and it's empty....

Though I feel my points were valid, and any other time I'd think nothing of this.. but it was Christies bday.. and they were already inside. Apparently, we were supposed to call them, because they could get us in free.

Realizing my foot was halfway down my throat, I decided to spit the thing out and go apologize. Upon my approach to our friends trying to convince them to let us in, the guard walked away. I told Adam and Anisha, that I was there to apologize, in which I was informed that they didn't think that was "going to work".

So here I am, apologizing for saying I didn't feel that the place was worthy of cover fees, I hate cover fees... pretentious..eew... and I find myself in a situation where I'm asking permission to go spend my money on their liquor that is probably cheap liquor poured into high end bottles??

Oh well. I feel bad that I didn't think about the WHOLE situation, and I'll be cautious in the future. What I should have done, was said "Lyla, let's go outside and call Christie, and tell her we don't have cash to get in" (which was true, another reason we couldn't pay) and then when we called we'd get in free, etc.

So, that's off my chest, and they won't remember me... if I even tread there again anyway.

The end.
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Sunday, January 21, 2007

My weekend

Well, I didn't really go "out" like, for a night of drinking, mainly because I'm watchin the money right now... and it's so cold... that doesn't help.

But I ended up spending about thirty-seven bucks on improving my room. Seems like this purchase will take me farther than the 37 dollars in beer and food for a night would. This one I can keep until it begs me to toss it. So, instead of buying a whole new cubby system that closed in all my clothes, I went and got some lumber, and started in on this project.

Before and After. Three sections of wooden shelves with closet rod curtainry.. extra cheap brackets when you do it closet style. Some crap for the top, a nice set of lights, and yet another use for this fabric... done. Total project time, bout 4 hours including shopping.  Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 19, 2007


was a good day. I got my filling done, on the very back tooth, which normally isn't thought of as "good". But, it will prevent a root canal procedure, and this particular dentist gives SO MUCH novacane. Can't feel 3/4 of my face while they are working. It's great.

However I do notice severe cuts and bruising afterwards....

Just kidding. Everything goes swell.

These, in the picture, are speakers that can hook up to any sound making device with that particular jack. I glued puff balls all over them. Now, they are soft.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 15, 2007

New Computadora

well, I think i've finally gotten all my old files into my new computer. It was a bigga task than I thought. Ross bought me a new Dellby for the Christmas time, and I love it! so much faster, and mainly so much more space for all my music and pictures.

It's fun.

Sim City 4 has been a time consuming wonderful mess, I love the game... but shoot... you start at 6 PM and the next time you look at the clock it's 2 in the morning. amazing...

Today I have the day off. I'm very happy about that. I'm going to accomplish a few things today. Cat food, beach, some work, some bills....

I know i'll do more than that, but if i set my agenda really small, then i'm not stressed out or disapointed if i dont do everything.

Charcoal and Tyler are getting along well.. pictures of them later.

My advice for the day is to do something you really enjoy, every day. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 08, 2007

New Years Eve

here is the lil old group having a good time on New years Eve. It was fun. Posted by Picasa