Monday, February 19, 2007

Well, I seem to have the problem of writing out thank you cards and postcards and never sending them. I have across postcards from trips that took place several years ago, fully written out, but never sent. Usually, the reason is because I don't have the right postage, if any postage at all. Or, I plan on just giving it to them next time I see them (but I forget it at home) and so then here, I have these stacks of cards that have never been sent.

Maybe this way it will be more interesting to read these cards as they have such big gaps inbetween them. This picture, is the postcard I made for the Christmas time thank you's. I only managed to pass out about 4, out of 16. However, as a child we always had to do our thank you cards at Christmas, but I'm noticing... the other adults seem to pass out thank you's at birthdays... but not Christmas? Maybe this one is a free-bee once you hit the gift giving age. It's like, since you gave them a gift too, your exempt from Thank you card responsibilities, as are they.

Very Interesting. I just wish I wasn't so cheap to not put a 39 centser on a postcard, then I wouldn't have these damn things lying around.

But I need those 39 centsers for bills.....

Oh quandry.......

what does quandry mean?
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Monday, February 05, 2007


Today, the orange fish featured here, was found dead. I knew it was coming, he had really started to slow down and lose interest in life. The black one above died a long long time ago, and left little orange on his own. After slipping into a great depression, he was relocated into a community tank, which was bigger, and full of choices for friendship opportunities. However, it was too late, and he sat on the bottom for days, only swimming around to eat, and return to the bottom of the tank. This morning, he was found at the base of a plant, non responsive.

I scooped the fish out, and was going to flush him down the toilet. A proper burial.
When I hit the flush button however, the toilet did not flush, and water began to fill the tank. Lucky for me, it was only water, but it was a very disrespectful burial because I did have to put the plunger in the toilet, while the recently deceased fish was floating and swirling with every plunge....

Sorry little guy, there was nothing else I could do.
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