Saturday, March 24, 2007

Poetic Spam

Every now and then, an interesting message comes with the unusual spam advertising the latest discount drugs. This one was fun to read out loud:

Yes. If he wont talk to you perhaps the associates he referred to Of course! But powerful enough to be picked up by the big receivers in the immensely strong, almost invisible, single-molecule cord whirred out thirty days to live if I didnt get the antidote. There was no poison- impulse to pat its plastic fur. Yes, well, that is a pretty general philosophical statement. But I Soft footsteps behind me and Madonette held me lightly by the arms. forever. It is their rare privilege to be admitted to Paradise as full place? survivors aside, tell them about me and the assignment. Ill meet them Overdrinking, hangovers and Technicolor yawns saved for our victory Dare I ask what they supply in return? remains. until they revived. inside it was Iron John. And just one other person. Do it. Get it. No excuses. Now. Understood. It is indeed. Impossible, he growled in his usually friendly fashion. No.
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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Entertaining pics.
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Last weekend, Jen, Ross and I drove down to Indio to visit my Mom and Mark on their trip, to stay with them in Indio to visit with Chole. I don't get to see Chole that much, so even though this was a short weekend, I was glad to have it at all! Indio was very hot, but it's oven heat... so it doesn't feel bad. Just warm, like a blanket. However, it was very inspiring, this heat... for us to get into the pools. They had a "lazy river" at this place, which is basically a curvy river with a strong current to push you along. I liked this much better than a pool.. in a pool, you kind of stand there and talk with your friends, and bounce up and down in the water. Well this, we were able to talk and be doing something the whole time. Playing in this current, and having all kinds of scenery. It was like, falling off the boat in a ride at Disneyland. You could rent tubes, which we did, but we ditched them because it was more fun to be IN the water. Anyway, Jolly good time. We had a fun BBQ on Saturday night, and drank and drank. Steaks, Chicken, Veggies... what a good meal! This was a fun short trip, plus we got fifty bucks to sit for an hour listening to a sales pitch. wonderful, that paid for the bbq and breakfast the next day.

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